Rem Perry is a full-fledged artist: DJ, producer, arranger and musician.

He began his career in the early 90’s composing and arranging for artists, TV documentaries and movies. From 2006 to 2016, Rem divided his time between Europe and Israel where he collaborated with well-known musicians and artists.

Rem draws influences from medieval to electronic music.“I enjoy bringing many different influences together in my music,” he says. This wide range of interests and talents is Rem’s trademark and he comes by his versatility honestly: “I was raised with so many different musical styles and they are all jumbled around inside me.”

A typical Rem “sound & arrangement” is an emotional mix of gentle vocals and distinctive orchestral writing. Rem’s music has been described as “cinematic indie rock.”

Since 2010 he has been concentrating more on the DJ side of his musical career. But forget about traditional DJing and electro music. Rem has perfected a signature sound by combining the best elements of the acoustic world with elements of electronic and ethnic music. He is producing and playing Tech House, House, Melodic Techno, Progressive Electronic Music and Downtempo.

Since 2015 he has been performing for diverse audiences ranging from corporate events to boiler rooms, clubs and venues from Ibiza to France, Italy, Luxembourg and Israel. 

2017-2019 he was a resident DJ on Radio Roma Sud (Roma), RCM 104  (Milano) and Radio Blu (Adelaide).

In 2017 he released his first album “A Glint in Our Eyes”, a pure Techno House album and in 2018 he released his single “Sound of men” (both available on every digital platform).

As of 2018, Rem is represented by ROBA Music Publishing (Hamburg, DE) for their synch music library “Expériences Scientifiques”.

In 2019 Rem summer toured in the Balkans, performing in Festivals such as: Amanet, Echowave, Akto…sharing a stage with renowned artists such as ARTBAT, NU, YOKOO…

Amanet Festival: “Rem Perry, this is a set that can’t be explained ever.”